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About Us

 Kalme plc is a private limited company engaged in export of oil seeds and other agricultural produces, import of various industrial products and service rendering activities since its establishment. It was established in 1995E.C. with a capital of ETB 100,000.00 which grow to 10 million birr in few years. 

The company is owned by three share holders who have acquired both excellent academics background and many years of business experience. 

  Currently, the General Manager of the company is Ato Mengesteab Mehari, also the major share holder. He has a very good business experience of many years in import, export, transport and other trade sectors. Other shareholders and management members include, Ato Kaleab Mehari, who is responsible for operation and procurement in Gendewuha warehouse, Ato Fishatsion Mehari, who has been managing operations in Sudan and is expert in Industrial services .he is also responsible for technical issues of the company.

Our company has three offices and facilities of which the two branches are in Ethiopia: one in Addis Ababa and the other in Mettema. The third branch is located in Khartoum, Sudan. The finance, Operation and Marketing activities of the company are done in the head office at Addis Ababa branch. The Mettema branch, near Sudanese border, is a huge plant which is engaged in grain, sesame cleaning and processing activities which was established in 2009 GC. The Khartoum branch mainly focuses on soliciting market in Sudan for our products; identifying potential import items from Sudan; and facilitating the movement of cargo from Ethiopia to Sudan and vice versa. Our company has a great advantage for cargos in/out of Port Sudan since it has a great experience in facilitating the transport, transit and forwarding activities in Sudan.

Our company has established a new department, engineering department, which built the company’s new warehouse in Gendewuha city. It has a plan to enter into the construction sector.

Our company is a full member of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange and can easily involve in the purchasing and export of different exportable items.



A reputable company engaged in domestic and international businesses.


Engage in efficient, competitive and profitable industrial production services with linkages to agriculture and export/import and serve a continuously growing number of international and domestic customers in a socially responsible manner.

Core Values 

  •      customer focus
  •     Reliable
    • accountability
    • commitment
    • respect
    • honest
    • mutual benefit


Organizational Structure
  • The company is structured in functional departments with specific authority and responsibility assigned to each department, division and unit. We have established and maintained a hierarchical system where tasks are delegated to responsible personnel with monitoring and reporting mechanisms outlined clearly. The company’s departments include-

    • Operation Department-Main activities of the department include; Prepares the operational plan of the company, the strategies of operational activities in most efficient manner regularly as well as when the need arises, the department’s budget, undertakes follow up of the changes in policies of the government and other stake holders to revise the operational plans of the company, Contribute to the overall company policy and procedure formulation, Prepare the operational manuals and procedures, follows the trend in competitor’s operational activity and revise the Company’s strategy, follows up import/ export processes in collaboration with the marketing department, follows up the deliveries of imported items to designated customers and ask for payments accordingly, formulates schedules for the company vehicles to ensure effective utilization.

    • Finance Department
      - Main activities of the department include; Develop and implement all necessary financial policies and procedures to ensure the provision of an effective financial management system and compliance with any relevant regulations, Maintain reliable and accurate accounting records for the organization and produce management accounts as necessary to facilitate the effective management of the organization, assists in the preparation of the annual budget and plan and produce cash flow forecast and variances against budget projections to assist decision making, Maintain day to day control of all accounting systems to ensure the complete and accurate processing of financial data in accordance with internal procedures, Produce regular analysis of income and expenditure to assist managers in the budget monitoring process. It also assists in the development, review and improvement of accountancy within the organization, Provide advice on financial accounting issues to managers and staff as required, Produce accurate and timely financial information about the organization’s financial status and performance to enable decision making, produce all necessary statements and reports to enable the accurate measurement of cash flow, Produce all the necessary periodical and year-end financial reports for the internal and external use.

    • Marketing Department
      - Main activities of the department include; develop a marketing strategy to facilitate all the import and export activities of the company, looks for potential buyers of exportable items and prepare a sales contract, follow up and preparation of all export documents needed for negotiation. It also follows tenders floated through various means of media, screening and preparing required bid documents so as to participate on the bid. The department has also the responsibility of promoting the Company and its products of trade and services.


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About US

Welcome to Kalme PLC

   Kalme PLC is a private limited company engaged in export of oil seeds and other agricultural products , import of various industrial products and serverice rendering activities since its establishment. It was established in 1995 E.C with a capital of ETB 100,000 which grow to 10 million ETB in few years .

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